ANCLAS book launch, Brazil in the World: The International Relations of a South American Giant

Book launch presented by the Australian National Centre for Latin American Studies (ANCLAS)

Tuesday 20 June, 4:00pm

Launched by

Dr John Minns


Dr Sean W Burges

L.J. Hume Centre, Copland Building (24)
1st Floor, Room 1171
Corner of Childers Street and University Avenue, ANU


Burges argues that Brazil is pursuing a foreign policy agenda designed to challenge and transform, but not overturn existing patterns of global structural power. This is distinct from the pursuit of relative power in that it concentrates on opening space to pursue policies suited to Brazilian priorities such as national social and economic development. A series of issue areas – multilateralism, trade, and security – are examined as well as the pattern of bilateral relations in South America, the Global South and with China and the USA to trace how Brazil formulates its transformative foreign policy agenda and works to implement it regionally and globally. Through this examination the book highlights that mainstream approaches to international relations miss the nuance of what emerging market countries such as Brazil are trying to accomplish. The analysis also highlights the extent to which foreign policy making in Brazil is changing as a field of public policy and the degree to which sustained political attention is necessary for a dynamic and innovative international engagement approach. Specific focus is given to tracing how and why Brazil has moved onto the global stage, leverage its regional predominance in South America into a global leadership role and bridge between the North and South in international affairs.

The launch will be followed by light food and beverages. Free and open to the public. No RSVP required.

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