Renewed directions in Peruvian foreign policy

Incoming Peruvian foreign minister Gonzalo Gutiérrez recently gave a television interview mapping out some key priorities for Peruvian foreign policy.

The key points:
–Latin American integration is very important for Peru

–The Pacific Alliance is a critical structure, acting as a ‘trampoline’ for deeper engagement with the Asia-Pacific. The Pacific Alliance process is evolving well and will push new elements of trade regulation harmonization, worker mobility and education going forward.

–Exchange with Asia is critical for Peru’s future and trade agreements are already in place with China, Japan, Korea and Thailand.

–Work is progressing on eliminating Shengen Visa requirements for Peruvians, which the Chancellor takes as a sign that Peru is being seen as an emerging regional power in Latin America that merits the confidence of international partners, in this case specifically the European Union.

–The next big trade agreement priorities highlighted are the Trans-Pacific Partnership and an FTA of some form with India.


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