Excellent working paper on Brazilian foreign policy from Oxford’s Latin American Centre

Leticia Pinheiro and Gabrieli Gaio have an excellent occasional paper on Brazilian foreign policy out through the Brazilian Studies Program at the University of Oxford’s Latin American Centre. Entitled, “The role of South-South Cooperation on Brazilian Regional Leadership and Global Protagonism”, the paper takes a careful look at the interplay between Brazil’s South American and South-South leadership activities, offering some very insightful analysis and one of the more penetrating and fruitful theoretical critiques to date. The abstract is below and the paper itself very much worth reading:

This paper seeks to discuss Brazilian regional policy by assessing what kind of leadership Brazil has been playing and the role played by the policy of South-South cooperation for development on the former. Our main argument is that although Brazil does play the role of a regional leader, a difference between regional leadership for matters of regional governance and regional leadership for global matters should be done. Besides we argue that, although not being necessary to be a representative of its own region to play a relevant role on the international scenario, being a Development Regional Leader, helps Brazilian global protagomism.

Leticia Pinheiro IRI/PUC-RioGabrieli Gaio
Occasional Paper No BSP-11-13

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