New publication on Brazilian foreign policy

ANCLAS Senior Associate Dr Sean Burges has just had a new article published in the Brazilian journal Política Externa entitled “Seria o Itamaraty um problema para a política externa brasileira?” [Is Itamaraty a Problem for Brazilian foreign policy?]


Brazil has reached a more prominent role in the international arena, due to the recent economic crises that struck Europe and North America and the new arrangements of the global geopolitics. This situation gives the coun- try an extraordinary opportunity to advance its own development and strengthen its interests in the new structures of world governance. This article argues that a combination of domestic political disinterest and the inherent conservativeness of the Itamaraty bureaucracy create a serious risk that Brazil will accidentally watch the future slip away. For Itamaraty the specific challenge is to shift its institutional thinking away from the static positions left as a legacy by Rio Branco to the dynamic proactiveness that allowed the Baron to transform his country’s foreign policy and set Brazil up for one hundred years of security.

An English preliminary copy of the paper can be here: 2012-2013 — english Seria o Itamaraty um problema para a política externa brasileira.

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