Boeing-Embraer deal — a double-sided game in a good week for Embraer?

American aircraft giant Boeing and Brazilian regional jet maker Embraer have just announced a cooperation agreement at the Farnborough in England. As Valor Econômico points out, this could have big benefits for both sides. Earlier in the year the Pentagon yanked a contract with Embraer to provide twenty training aircraft after cries of ‘buy American’ from congress. The hope in Brazil is the link between the two companies will help Embraer win the relaunched bidding process for the contract. For its part Boeing is hoping that a close link with Embraer will help it win the contract to supply F-18 aircrafts as the jet of choice for the FX-2 airforce revitalization process in Brazil. The question of which new fighter jets Brazil should build is now about a decade old with both Cardoso and Lula dodging the issue and using it string along the US, Swedish and French governments. Not much has changed with Dilma.

This just adds to a good week for Embraer, which signed a deal with Indonesia to provide an additional eight light attack and tactical training A-29 Super Tucano aircraft.

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