Wikileaks on Brazil

If you’re curious about how much of the Wikileaks material dealing with Latin America has made its way into the Latin American press,  you might like to have a look at the web site of Brazilian organisation, Publica, the first non-profit investigative journalism organisation in that country.  Its website is
Here is how Publica announced its overall goals and its handling of Wikileaks material on Brazil:
” In 2011 Publica reviewed all WikiLeals cables from Brazil to write and publish the stories that had been left out by daily newspapers. Just a few months after its foundation, Publica gathered a team of 15 volunteer journalists to review the documents that were still unpublished. The task force published over 50 articles that were picked up by the Brazilian media though a creative commons license.

Publica is the first not-for-profit investigative journalism center in Brazil. Founded by a team of women journalists, it aims to bring journalism back to its essence: public service.

While Brazil is seeking a proeminent role in the international arena, we feel that good journalism should be encouraged to monitor our govenments and the powers that be. Good, non-partisan investigative journalism without any ideological interference is essencial to strengthen our democracy. That’s what Publica will do.

Like many successful investigative centers worldwide, Publica partners up with national and international media outlets, organizations, and independent journalists to be able to produce long and short-term investigative projects in Brazil. Our articles are often translated and republished by websites such as the Huffington Post, in the US.

The reporters that coordinate Publica – Marina Amaral and Natalia Viana – have amongst them three of the most prestigious national award for Human Rights Reporting, and two nominations for Woman Press Award for online reporting.

The word Publica, in Portuguese, is a feminine adjective. It means everything that belongs to the public.”

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